The technological evolution continues. Constantly an old world is dying, and a new one is born. Future ideas exist as seeds within the social fabric, awaiting expression by thinkers and creators. Already, new technologies are changing our lives in extreme ways. They affect our human interactions, global understanding, business transactions and environmental exploitation.

Technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Internet of Things, Robotics, Autonomous Cars, Nanotechnology, Genomics, Biotechnology, Virtual Reality, Quantum Computing and 3D-Printing are not only driving new opportunities, but also pressuring our society to take a stand towards a more sustainable future. Perhaps most formidably, these technologies have the capacity to grow exponentially – taking us leaps and bounds toward a more utopian reality, one in which poverty and hunger are wretched memories. With the beauty of speed, we can use these exponentially growing technologies to create resilient cities and communities with responsible consumption in mind.

That said, this same technology has the undisputed power to catapult us into a postmodern surveillance dystopia, akin to novels of Philipp K. Dick or George Orwell. At the hands of people in power, these technologies can be the most dangerous facilitators of totalitarianism. What do we do in the face of this potential? We must understand. We must eliminate the risks. We must remain purpose-driven to build a responsible future. We must lead the discourse to discover insights: with the potentials named and dangers stamped and tilted to see all sides.

The Krypto Economy serves as an umbrella term on our journey to create this transparency with a sharp and critical eye, to piece through everything and articulate the problems constructively. As we do this, we can foster holistic, impact-driven technical solutions. The discourse is the vehicle on our quest to observe, investigate, to finally gain in knowledge, and epiphanies. It is an attempt to characterize the truth, thus distinguishing it from falsity and illusions. Through non-institutional discussions, we aim for individual education, which will ultimately create a higher universal level of consciousness. This will empower people to join the conversation, providing them a basic set of questions and answers. The world becomes more informed. Inch-by-inch, person-by-person.

We set out for the truth, actively forming our social economics in a digital age. It’s the voice of the many that create the Zeitgeist. And that Zeitgeist can decide upon a utopian, rather than dystopian future. Our economy isn’t just an organizational framework for our societal, economical and political daily grind. It’s a mirror on the current state of our consciousness. It’s the perceived narrative of the human nature and its social interconnections. It reflects our values. And it encompasses official corporations, markets, and states, alongside criminal organizations, secret power networks, miracle healers, gangsters, or hackers. Everyone is part of the discourse. Everyone forms this economy.

A great era has begun. We are liberating ourselves. We are growing up and must take a responsible and courageous first step towards a life-friendly tech world. Heed our warning and listen to our appeal. Our future is up for grabs, but it’s also at stake.

-Andrea Bauer-