The Krypto Economy by: Andrea Bauer The book elaborates on the underlying dynamics of our digital era. Over a series of seven panel discussions Andrea Bauer is in conversation with one of the most distinguished minds to better understand today’s digital instruments, which are our ultimate Kryptonite: Its benefits have the capacity to aid us exponentially and yet, its destructive powers could push us down a terrifying path. Join the discourse and find the answers to the most fundamental questions.
The Book

What is the Krypto Economy?

The term is derived from the idea of cryptography, the practice and technique of hiding digital information to allow a secure exchange. With this book, we extend the meaning, exploring the empowering and destructive forces of a hidden economy, which underlies the reality of the digital era. With Kryptonite— the fictional mineral that both nearly annihilates Superman and gives him incredible powers— acting as a basic narrative, we illustrate the digital age’s radiating danger and also its undeniable force for good.

Background Story

Over the past few years, we’ve begun to question the liberating and egalitarian vision of a digital era. With the revelations of Edward Snowden in 2013, it became clear that the Information Age would not provide us with a warm and fuzzy future, per se. Instead, we woke up in a surveillance and advertising apparatus. Too quickly, discourse ebbed away, along with the attention span of the public media, with little consequence.

With this in mind, Andrea Bauer and Boris Moshkovits began a think tank and discourse salon called D.DAY to continue a critical, but constructive discourse to reflect on the future of our tech world; one that considered the current, rapidly evolving digital climate.
The first salon took place in 2014 at Soho House Berlin. Its aim was to reflect on the realities and effects of the digital age, opting for the panel discussion format.

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The author

ANDREA BAUER is an innovation designer, tech strategist and author.She is the founder of BEAM Studio, an innovation firm that applies novel technologies and methods, to set-up spaces and processes to create cutting-edge products and businesses. Always fascinated by the question, how technology can improve our everyday lives, she follows a purpose-driven focus, to accelerate her efforts towards a responsible tech future. She is also partner and co-founder of the business collective katapult:NOW and the event platform D.DAY Network, an international do- and think-thank of creative influencers, who aim for positive impact by actively using the potentials of an digital era.